TL-15Home safes are getting to be popular for a variety of reasons. It’s a convenience for people who have valuable documents to keep, expensive jewellery, and other items that need to be within reach at any time but are too valuable to be just stashed away in some cabinet. Besides, insurance companies require the owners of insured valuables to keep them in vaults in the proper specifications before accepting them for coverage. So there really are reasons for owning these safes.

What would be the best types of safes or vaults for the home?

TL-15 safes are among the more common categories of safes being purchased in the US for use in the home. These are actually office type safes as they have various size configurations, but they can be easily adapted for home use. Your local safe-and-vault supplier would most probably have a good selection of TL-15 safes in the inventory, so don’t hesitate to call and ask.

Before buying a safe, homeowners should be able to identify first where is it that they are going to install the safe. These safes come with anchoring provisions. You can either bolt them down or cement them on the floor or on a strong part of the wall. You can’t do this work yourself, so most suppliers would be sending a technician or two to do the installation, once you have determined the best place to put it in.

And so where do you put it? You may have to answer these questions first before deciding where – what do you intend to store in the safe, how often will you need to access the items, and what type and weight is your chosen safe?

You may need your safe to store all your valuables in – jewellery, documents, even your firearms, which most states would now require to be properly stored when not in use. In this case, the best place to put the safe is in your master bedroom. This is usually the safest sanctuary in the home. It’s where you would want to keep your valuable items at, and the bedroom is at most times accessible.

Fortunately, TL-15 safes are ready to take in any item for storage – jewellery, documents, your handgun. They are also not too heavy nor bulky that they can be easily moved to the bedroom for permanent installation.

Now, if you are able to buy more than one safe, it may be advisable to have one in the master bedroom for you to keep your expensive jewellery in and another one some place else – like your family room – for you to stash your valuable documents in. You won’t need to handle documents like birth certificates or property titles every day, but you do change watches, or earrings or necklaces on a daily basis, so keep them close to where you need to put them on.

When you need to open your safe regularly, you can save yourself the trouble by installing it on the wall, or on a pedestal so that you wouldn’t have to bend too much and suffer a sore back each time. Just don’t put it in an area that will be too conspicuous to visitors.

TL-15 safes are not only tool-resistant – that’s what the TL stands for – but also fire-resistant. They are able to withstand extreme heat for a certain amount of time, two hours in most cases. That means whatever is inside them can be safe from heat or fire damage within the specified time rating. It is advised that your safe is so located that you can easily recover it and its contents even after a fire. If that’s any consolation at all.