Different Uses of Neck Lanyards

Neck LanyardsNeck lanyards are widely used across a lot of specialized industries to serve as identification card holder, including hospitals, military facilities, and government agencies as well as recreational events like exhibitions, trade shows, and concerts. Moreover, lanyards offer great opportunities in promoting the brand, products, and services of many businesses. Lanyards are inexpensive, practical, and customizable to fit the needs of the business and event. You can attach small pouches to them that can hold other promotional materials such as USB sticks and pens, making them a great add-on to any event.

Promotional Uses of Lanyards

Lanyards are available in a wide range of materials, styles and colors. Companies can use them in many different ways to help boost their marketing campaign.

Here are some of the popular uses of lanyards.

1. Sporting Events

Neck lanyards are commonly seen at sporting events. They are used by personnel for identification purposes and as a sign of loyalty of the individual wearing them. Pride is one of the important factors that influence an individual’s decision to buy. People who are connected to a certain team will have a strong motivation to purchase the lanyards and other promotional materials.

2. Exhibition Events

Participants of trading events are required to have IDs for security purposes. Normally, they wear custom lanyards that have a branded logo. This kind of identification can easily be visible to potential customers, other trading event exhibitors, and floor security. A lot of companies offer goodie bags at trading events, which include a lanyard and other promotional items.

3. Souvenir Shops

Travellers love souvenirs. Apart from photos, souvenirs from tourist destinations are popular with tourists. Souvenir shop owners can sell custom lanyards decorated with their store name and geographic location. Neck lanyards are not just an insubstantial thing that people will quickly throw away because they are very useful accessories.

4. School Fundraisers

In comparison to business promotional campaigns that rely on the quality of the product or service and abilities of the salesperson, school fundraisers already have an edge. Potential customers are not just anybody because they are parents or relatives of children attending the school, and pride also comes into play with this. Those who have connections with the school are naturally inclined to help. Fundraisers can sell neck lanyards with the school logo and they are sure to be a hit.

Non-Commercial Uses

Lanyards are very essential; they also serve as universal means of identification at workplaces. Because of their distinct colors and capability to hold items, they are an important tool for many organizations. Uses of lanyards extend far beyond just personnel identification.

They are used in the following fields :

• Military Services

Military facilities are really strict with personnel identification, but they are not just used to hold IDs and security access cards. There are lanyards specially created to hold numerous side arms and equipment such as knives and pistols to make sure they will not be misplaced or lost in a battle.

• Factories

High-risk work environments involve operating dangerous equipment. Because of this, workers often have kill switches that are attached to their lanyards to prevent further harm in case of an accident. The lanyard could be a retractable badge reel, worn around the neck, or a shorter one attached to the wrist.

• Hospitals

Neck lanyards are popularly used all over the world for identification purposes. Apart from that, they can also hold important items like digital access cards, keys, etc. However, instead of using standard lanyards, hospital staff often uses the “retractable” version, which offers the ordinary benefits of lanyards, but with the additional function of having the ID near to the individual’s belt or chest, making sure they do not touch liquid substances that are commonly found in hospitals.

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Neck LanyardNeck Lanyards permitted people to be identified easily. Lanyards today are commonly used as headers or an attachment for IDs, badges, and passes.