Writing Fast (and Professional) Articles Made Easy

Article writingWhat will a person do if he needs to provide a well-written article in a time-pressured situation? It is more difficult especially if he didn’t have enough sleep and he can’t squeeze sentences out of his mind.

This article will teach a person how to limit other things, abandon specific habits, and come up with some techniques in order to professionally fast like a ninja.

1. Do freestyle writing

This is essential for those who writes fast without thinking too much about the article. It’s basically like opening an MS Office document and write with the thoughts that are flowing. Don’t care about how they will sound, if they are grammatically incorrect or even if they’re making any sense. Just ignore the clock and do the article writing.

Cleaning up and editing the article could be done practically 10 minutes after writing. With this trick, all that a person can depend is his brain’s freedom to reward him with a completed article.

2. Set timers

Setting up 10 to 30 minutes timer for article writing will help. Don’t worry if the brain cannot think of anything yet. As the time is running out, this will become a jump starter for the brain and fingers to produce the article. Keep in mind that the articles don’t have to be sensible and well-written; it only has to be written. Deal with the tweaking of the article’s quality later.

If the timer is not effective in jump-starting the brain, take time to have a break and get back to write later. Remember that a timer does not always necessarily mean to set up a stopwatch. It could also be in the form of waiting time while baking a cookie in the oven or while waiting for a train to arrive at the station.

3. Turn-off spell checker features

Bothered by the red underline on a word written in the document during that moment when everything only has to be written? Try to disable the spell checker and other options that may interrupt the article writing process. Doing this will contribute to the consistent and natural flow of ideas. Thus, providing more comfort in writing an article.

4. Turn backspace off

Ever experience a moment where pressing backspace key makes things worse especially after realizing that original sentences are fine? It’s all okay.

However, in order to avoid hitting this key for making unnecessary changes, have a commitment not to press backspace and stand firm on doing it. For every mistake that is committed, just continue to move on.

5. Conduct research on the topic before writing

Stop referring to any information or checking the facts for accuracy. One fastest way of writing articles is to do careful research about that topic before opening a document to write it.

It will also prevent the writer from doing unnecessary actions such as browsing off-topic information and other sites that might lead to procrastination.

6. Make an outline of ideas

To achieve fast article writing, it is essential to think about the topic first and proceed with the outlining of ideas after. Chances are, ideas will not spread all throughout the articles and will just focus on a particular point in the article. It will also help in generating more ideas for a particular outline. As a result, writing articles will become easier to do and won’t take much of the writer’s time.

7. Consider getting a buddy in article writing

If everything doesn’t work, then a team-up with a partner/buddy in writing might be the last option. Having a writing buddy can make the person accountable for his writing responsibilities such as finishing the articles on time, serves as another eye for details and etc.