The Various Designs of Rubber Bracelets

If you are planning to raise funds for a particular endeavor or activity, you can turn to rubber bracelets to attain your goal. Made mostly of hypo-allergenic silicone materials, wristbands provide the best method of promoting an activity, commemorating a celebration, enjoining support to a cause or membership to a particular organization.

You can choose from myriads of designs, colors, size and styles of wristbands offered by companies in the market. You can even choose the form of wristbands to order such as the slapped, adjustable or conventional wrist bands. You can even make your own design and order it from the company. Their online stores provide tools wherein you will be able to make the design of your choice and submit it to them for validation and order. What’s amazing with these online stores is that you can even make an order for just one piece for your own personal use!

Debossed and color-filled wristbands

Rubber bandThe most trendy and most frequently ordered rubber bracelets are the debossed styled wristbands. Made from a variety of colors ranging from segmented, solid and swirled, you can have your name, your chosen logo, slogan, the name of your organization or a combination of all four engraved on the wristband. If you want the enhanced version of this wristband, you can request for the company to put on an additional layer of color on the recessed part, which will afford a prominent contrast to the bracelet.

The additional color will make the debossed part look as if they are about to pop off from the wristband. You can choose the colors to be used for your order so try to mix and match the colors to yield that eye-popping color combination that will be so attractive even from a distance. If you don’t have the knack for colors, you can choose from the templates provided by the company for the mix of colors that works best for you.

Embossed wristband

For a distinct look, you can have the design of your choice raised up atop the facade of the bracelet. Embossed rubber bracelets allow your design to really stand out! Together with your choice of color which can come in swirled, segmented or solid form. Classy yet inexpensive, embossed wristbands are the perfect choice for an elegant and unique wrist accessory.


If you want to avail of the more recently introduced styles of rubber bracelets in the market, you can go for the color coated wristbands. You will be given the privilege to choose the color to be used in coating the external facade of the bands, before the design of your choice is engrave into the bracelet. As your design is engrave on the band, it allows the original color to show through the add-on paint, providing a striking contrast which will definitely catches the attention of other people. The color coated bracelet is a surefire method of making you stand out in a room.

Macro bracelets

If you are one of those individuals who are fond of wearing large accessories such as large watch, earrings, pendants and even rings, you will definitely love the one inch rubber bracelets! The extra room will allow you to add more designs or make it larger too. This type of wristband is 50% larger than the conventional rubber wristbands in the market, hence wearing one would definitely turn heads in your direction. This is the top choice for individuals who want to include more designs in their bands. At present, this kind of wristbands are growing more popular with musicians and bands, hence you will likely music lovers wearing this type of bracelet.

Halfway size wristbands

If you don’t like wearing large bracelets but feels that the ½ conventional wristband is too small for your taste, you can opt to wear the ¾-inch rubber wristbands are just right for you. Not too big yet not too small, the three quarter inch wrist accessory is definitely the complete head turner at concerts as well as music stores all around the world.

Micro wristbands

If you are the miniature lover or love to wear micro things, you will definitely fall in love with the micro wristbands available in the market today. Since they are quite slim, you can wear several of these bands at once, in various styles and colors. Of course, you should realize that since they are tiny, having your design engraved on it might be a little intricate thus requiring more time and effort, hence can also be more pricey than the other styles.

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